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ICT in education planning toolkit debuts in the Pacific

infoDev, UNESCO work with education policymakers in the Pacific on planning for ICT-related issues

infoDev and UNESCO jointly sponsored two learning events for policymakers from Pacific island nations at two linked events in Fiji on topics related to ICT use in education.

High Level Policymakers Forum

  • A one-day High Level Policymakers Forum provided an opportunity for policymakers from the Pacific to exchange views and to learn from each other about how ICT can be used to enhance the reach and quality of education in the region. The Forum, which was held in Nadi on 25 September, was attended by 13 Ministers of Education, 18 high-level education officials and over 30 observers.

Capacity Building Workshop

  • Immediately after the close of the Forum, officials from 14 ministries of education and representatives from regional development organizations convened in Lautoka to participate in a five-day Capacity Building Workshop utilizing the “ICT in Education Toolkit for Policymakers, Planners and Practitioners”.  The workshop provided hands-on, practical exercises to help education officials explore planning issues and challenges and evaluate potential new initiatives related to various ICT-related education initiatives in their countries.

Feedback from both events was very positive. Participants found the Toolkit to be a highly useful, practical tool to help them to improve their educational policies and to assist them in strategic and systematic decision-making regarding the use of ICT in education.  Participants noted that these events took place at an opportune time for educational planners in the Pacific.  Interest in ICT use in education has grown greatly in the past two years among Pacific island nations, where numerous  small scale and pilot projects have begun and most ministries have been 'computerized', but little strategic planning has occurred about the place of ICT use within larger educational priorities, objectives and planning processes.  Observers noted that these events created a great deal of interest among Pacific Island leaders in thinking about ICT use in education more strategically, and possibilities for regional cooperation to develop a collective project to promote the use of ICT in Education to connect the scattered islands in the Pacific were explored. 

The Policy Makers’ Forum and Capacity Building Workshop were jointly organized by infoDev and the UNESCO Bangkok office, with the assistance of the UNESCO Apia office, and in coordination with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

For more information on the ICT in Education Toolkit, please see infoDev.org/ict4edu-toolkit.

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