IT Sector: Policie...

IT Sector: Policies and Their Impact

International Good Practices for the Establishment of Sustainable IT Parks
Excerpt from infoDev's report "International Good Practices for the Establishment of Sustainable IT Parks."

Since the beginning of the phenomenon, government policy has played a formative role in IT parks. Over time, it has become clear that the government needs to be the facilitator for IT parks. In addition to IT parks directly, this excerpt analyzes the impact of government policies in ancillary sectors such as telecommunications and as a facilitator of spillover effects.

Four categories were examined:

  • Fiscal policies that provide incentives to players in the IT sector
  • Policies aimed at encouraging innovation and R&D
  • Human capital-related policies
  • Policies impacting the investment climate of the country

Download the entire report to view detailed breakdowns of individual countries and exploration of these key findings:

  • Adopting a holistic approach to policy development is key;
  • Efficient institutional and implementation mechanisms are critical;
  • Focused policies are critical;
  • Encouraging private sector participation is critical;
  • Flexible land-use policies providing the developers more choice;
  • Linking incentives/subsidies with identified strengths/core competencies of domestic companies;
  • Effective coordination with other ministries/departments;
  • Having the right policy mix is essential for maximizing spill over benefits;
  • Fostering efficient linkages with other economies is essential;
  • There are additional flexibilities for policy formulation in a federal structure of government; and
  • Appropriate Data Protection laws for BPO servicing.

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