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ICT in Education Toolkit Launched

infoDev, UNESCO and partners announce version 2.0 to aid decisionmaking for policymakers, planners and practitioners on technology use in education

infoDev, UNESCO and partners announce version 2.0 to aid decisionmaking for policymakers, planners and practitioners on technology use in education.

In collaboration with UNESCO and other partners, infoDev is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the ICT in Education Toolkit for Policymakers, Planners and Practitioners.

The ICT in Education Toolkit for Policymakers, Planners and Practitioners is designed to assist education policy makers, planners and practitioners in the process of harnessing the potential of ICTs to meet educational goals and targets efficiently and effectively. It includes particular attention to the following key areas:

  • Mapping the present situation in terms of national goals, educational context, ICTs in education, and the dynamics of change
  • Identification of educational areas for ICT intervention and formulation of corresponding ICT-in-education policies
  • Planning for implementation of infrastructure, hardware, contentware, and personnel training
  • Planning for electronic content
  • Consolidating implementation plans and their financial and managerial implications into one master plan
  • Assessment of implementation, effectiveness and impact of ICT interventions and subsequent adjustments and follow-up actions

The Toolkit includes a reference handbook of what is known about the potential and conditions of effective use of ICTs for education and learning, by drawing on worldwide knowledge, research and experience.

Target audience

The Toolkit is meant for use by two primary target groups:

  1. Key decisionmakers in countries and educational institutions as they struggle with the challenge of introducing and integrating ICTs into education
  2. Officers and specialists of development agencies as they identify, prepare and appraise ICT-in-education projects or ICT components of education projects

Toolkit history

Under development by UNESCO-Bangkok and its partners (AED and Knowledge Enterprise) since 2004, infoDev began actively supporting the further development and use of the Toolkit in mid-2006 as part of a larger strategic and operational partnership with UNESCO, and through a grant to Knowledge Enterprise to finalize the Toolkit for use in a series of capacity-building activities.  Beta versions of the Toolkit have been used as part of country planning exercises in Asian and the Pacific Island nations.

Use in capacity-building workshops

infoDev, UNESCO and its partners will be rolling out use of the Toolkit in country and regional workshops through 2008.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 sports a number of new features, including the ability to plan for multiple projects within a single country simultaneously, conduct surveys, an expanded messaging system, the ability to assign specific tasks to individual users or teams, a fully functional off-line version on CD, downloadable versions for installation on Ministry of Education servers, additional user support documentation, as well as a streamlined user interface and a variety of security enhancements.

More information about the Toolkit can be found at infoDev.org/ict4edu-toolkit.  The Toolkit can be accessed directly on-line at www.ICTinEdtoolkit.org.

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